The future of art spaces is much more in outdoor and site-specific places.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, many artists and curators seemed getting tired of the white cube galleries, artwork hung on colorless walls, often in expensive areas of metropolitan cities. Because of the pandemic our already born tendency to change that turned into a must. We photographers have been forced to rethink how and where to show our work. Maybe also if and why. With whom to talk through our work.


While galleries remain closed or at a restricted capacity, we are inspired to innovate. 


Where do we go from here, when galleries might never be the same again? Or would we rather have them so?

Photoillustrata's aim is to live and create out-door and site-specific to connect with public on places where we live, hang-around, pass by in everyday life. Also explore the meaning of exhibiting, of impermanence and messages sent.